Academic English 1B Listening Speaking Package Teacher's Book

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    Listening Resources is a self-study lx>ok to develop students’ listening and related skills. Through carefully selected recordings and tasks, Listening Resources aims to equip students with listening strategics and thematic language to help them Income more comfortable listening to academic English, build up their background knowledge, expand their linguistic range, and achieve higher score in listening tests.
    As it is a self-study material, students are supposed to complete Listening Resources weekly practices on their own Ixrfore class. The practices are designed for students to work indiv idually. Students should make use of the material hy not only completing die exercises, hut answering critical follow-up questions and learning useful vocabulary in the audio script provided at the end of die section as well. During class hours, teacher will go beyond providing students widi keys to checking diorough comprehension of listening fiassages and facilitating integrated-skill development by various newly designed exercises or activities, such as summary, reflection, critical discussion, survey and presentation.
    • Academic English 1B
    • Listening Speaking Package
    • Version: Teacher's Book
    • File PDF-SCAN
    • 221 Pages
    • Size: 51,8 MB
    • 2018 Edition
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