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Advanced Expert Coursebook

Discussion in 'English for Exams' started by thinganbui, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. thinganbui

    thinganbui Guest

    > Reading and Use of English: Multiple matching (Part 8); Word formation (Part 3)
    > V ocabulary: Collocations (adjectives + nouns; verbs + nouns; phrasal verbs and expressions with take )
    > Listening: Developing skills: Separating main points from details;
    Listening for specifi c information (Part 2)
    > Language development: Mixed verb forms
    > W riting: Letter: Using an appropriate register (Part 2)
    > Listening: Sentence completion (Part 2)
    > Speaking: Vocabulary: feelings; Long turn (Part 2)
    > Language development: The passive; Register
    > Reading and Use of English: Open cloze (Part 2)
    > Writing: Letter of request (Part 2)
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