Back To School Magic: Practical, Detailed And Illuminating Guide

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    We had some trouble deciding on the title for this book. Finally, we determined there was only one correct way to describe the results on your back-to-school classroom when you use the activities, “must read” tips, tools for teacher growth and so much more contained in this book: magic. Problems don’t disappear, but with a little effort, you and your students can make their solutions appear, as you work through personal and learning differences of all types. Our advice is start reading this book before the first day of school, and you might be surprised how prepared you’ll become.
    • 245 tips and tricks to master the back-to-school ESL classroom and help students
    • 82 ideas for classroom activities, to involve and entertain students
    • 83 steps in Tools sections, for everything from different cultures to learning styles
    • 84 tips in BusyTeacher’s beloved “Must Read” sections
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