Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning

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    The data explosion
    We live in a world that is rich in data, ever increasing in scale. This data comes from many different sources in science (bioinformatics, astronomy, physics, environmental monitoring) and commerce (customer databases, financial transactions, engine monitoring, speech recognition, surveillance, search). Possessing the knowledge as to how to process and extract value from such data is therefore a key and increasingly important skill. Our society also expects ultimately to be able to engage with computers in a natural manner so that computers can ‘talk’ to humans, ‘understand’ what they say and ‘comprehend’ the visual world around them. These are difficult large-scale information processing tasks and represent grand challenges for computer science and related fields. Similarly, there is a desire to control increasingly complex systems, possibly containing many interacting parts, such as in robotics and autonomous navigation. Successfully mastering such systems requires an understanding of the processes underlying their behaviour. Processing and making sense of such large amounts of data from complex systems is therefore a pressing modern-day concern and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future.
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