Brain-Friendly Strategies for Developing Student Writing Skills 2nd Edition

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    "The major strengths of this book are the implications of current brain research and how to maximize student learning and enjoyment in the learning process. It’s all about the learning in the classroom, which is where the focus must be." (Mary Moore, Third-Grade Teacher )

    "Provides teachers with applicable research on brain-compatible learning and provides students with tools for developing their talent as writers." (Wanda Stuckey, English Teacher )

    "Explains brain research in easy-to-understand language and includes real classroom stories from diverse grade levels and student populations, as well as cross-curricular writing activities that foster high literacy and performance on high-stakes tests. Any teacher who wants reliable research to support effective, brain-friendly instruction should read this book and share it with colleagues and administrators." (Bobbie Faulkner, Teacher )

    "Allows teachers to see the inside of a successful system for teaching students to write with confidence and proficiency. Hanson offers experience and personal learning on how the brain works and thinks about communication through writing." (Patricia Allison, Recruitment, Retention, and Preparation Coordinator )

    "Recognizes the importance of preparing teachers to act as involved researchers in their own classrooms. The book encourages teachers to develop practices that will help their students become lifelong learners, not just competent test takers." (Edith Wagner, Associate Professor of English )

    "Instructional leaders are constantly looking for ways to help teachers work smarter, not harder, in the quest to maximize student achievement. Hanson provides a brain-compatible framework to do precisely that." (Shaun Holmes, Principal )

    "A one-of-a-kind, practical text for all teachers. Hanson takes us on a journey by providing teaching strategies and specific examples to prepare students to become lifelong writers!" (Sonia Aguila, ESL Teacher/Consultant )

    "During the past thirty years as an English teacher and professor, as an educational publisher and national writing consultant, and as the director of the Educational Leadership Institute, I have not seen a more powerful book on the teaching of writing. Think of this book as a gift to yourself, your colleagues, and your students. Think of it as a spark that just might initiate a renaissance in the way writing is taught." (RW (Skip) Kistner, President )

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