Cambridge English Vocabulary in Use Pre-intermediate & intermediate 2nd Edition

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    This new edition of English Vocabulary in Use: pre-intermediate & intermediate still retains the features that made the first edition so popular:
    - The format of presentation on the left-hand page and practice on the right-hand page.
    - Approaching vocabulary in a varety of ways: topics (e.g Food), word formation (e.g. Prefixes), words and grammar (e.g Uncountable and plural nouns), collocation and phrases (e.g. Make, do and take), functions (e.g. Apologies, excuse and thanks), concepts (e.g. Time), varieties of English (e.g. Formal and informal English), ect.
    - A student-friendly Answer Key, including not only correct answer to right/wrong execises, but also possible answers for more open-ended exercises.
    - Usage notes that are ideal for self-study learners.
    - A complete Index at the back of the book, listing all the target words and phrases with a phonemic transcription to help you with pronunciation.
    • Paperback: 271 pages
    • Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 1997, 2003
    • Language: English
    • ISBN: 0-521-01171-x
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