Collins COBUILD English Guides Articles Book 3 Helping Learners With Real English

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    Derived from the COBUILD database, each book in this series provides clear and detailed explanations, supported by numerous English examples, on specific areas of English. Integrated language activity work reinforces the reference material, checking understanding and exploiting important vocabulary and usage. They are in a pocket format, and include an answer key. This book offers readers help with the most frequently used words in the English language, the articles "the", "a" and "an".

    The articles in English are so Important for the learner of the language that we have decided to publish a whole book about them. They are by far the commonest word in English, and with a and an makes up 8.5% of all text. This Guide to Articles is one of a series of COBUILD ENGUSH GUIDES to particular areas of difficulty for learners of English.

    PDF | 8.30MB

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