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    Reading for IELTS is divided into 12 units. Each unit focuses on a topic area that you are likely to meet in the IELTS exam. This helps you to build up a bank of vocabulary and ideas related to a variety of the topics. As in the IELTS test, the texts are taken from authentic sources. These may contain narratives, logical arguments, descriptions or discussions. Some of texts contain visuals.
    Unit 1-11 cover the types of question that you will see in the IELTS test. Each unit focuses on a particular type of question, for example, matching question, short-answer questions, completion questions, multiple-choice questions, questions asking you to identify information or identify writers' views or claims.
    The exercises in the unit are relevant to the test. The aims listed at the start of each unit specify the key skills, techniques and language covered in the unit. You work towards Unit 12, which provides a final practice IELTS Reading test.
    Additionally, the book provides examination strategies telling you what to expect and how best to succeed in the test. Exam information is presented in clear, easy-to-read chunks. "Exam tips" in each unit highlight essential exam techniques and can be rapidly reviewed at a glance.
    • Collins English for Exams - Reading For IELTS
    • NXB Tổng Hợp 2011
    • Tác giả: Els Van Geyte
    • Số trang: 148
    • Kiểu file: PDF
    • Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh
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