Communicating In Business: Key To Success 4th Edition

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    In this fourth edition, the material has been expanded and updated to reflect current practices and trends and to incorporate changes suggested by users of the earlier editions. The book has been reorganized so that all chapters pertaining to writing are in sequence; oral communication is in the final chapter. This edition is presented in these five parts: theory and style, letters, reports, word processing, and oral communication. This sequence of parts makes the book easier to adapt to courses in which letters are emphasized, to courses in which reports are emphasized, or to courses in which both letters and reports are emphasized. Oral communication and word processing can be included easily in any of these courses.
    • Publisher : Houston, Tex. : Dame Publications
    • Publication date : 1986
    • Language : English
    • Paperback : 592 pages
    • ISBN 10 : 0931920906
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