Comprehensive English: Review Text 7th Edition

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    The aim of this Comprehensive English Review Text is to provide students with the materials and guidance they need to pass the Comprehensive Examination in English with a score they can be proud of. Among the services the book offers are the following:
    * It conducts students through a typical test in every one of the examination areas—listening, vocabulary, spelling, reading, the literature essay, and the composition—with an abundance of exercises and practice materials to improve proficiency in each of these areas.
    * It offers practical hints for finding the answer to each of the sixty multiple-choice questions in the examination.
    * It prepares students for the writing demands of the examination by teaching them how to plan and write a literature essay and a composition that meet the stated requirements. In addition, it provides model literature essays and model compositions for every choice that the examination offers.
    • Publisher: Amsco School Publications; 7th edition (January 1, 1996)
    • Language: English
    • Paperback ‏ : 338‎ pages
    • ISBN-10: 1567650309
    • ISBN-13: 978-1567650303
    • Article weight: 10.4 oz
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