Developing Reading Skills 2nd Edition

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    The second edition of Developing Reading Skills proceed from the same premise that governed the first edition: good reading and clear thinking go hand in hand. The book is organized around the principle that student can best improve their comprehension and thinking skills first by intensive, analytical practice with short reading passages, followed by the application of these skills to longer and increasingly difficult essays and articles. As in the first edition, the reprinted selections represent a variety of topics intended to appeal to students and general readers alike. The emphasis, the, remains on helping student's develop two kinds of skills: first, the ability to comprehend accurately the sort of prose that they can expert to encounter in their college courses and in the world at large, and, second, the ability to read this material critically and analytically.
    • Paperback: 486 pages
    • Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Inc.
    • Language: English
    • ISBN: 0-07-554217-X
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