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    DVD eBook Callan Method
    Student's Book + Teacher's Book + Audio CDs
    32 Files | 600 MB | Callan 2011
    Callan Method is basically a method of teaching English which only uses speaking. The teacher and the students have the same book which is full of questions and answers, which demonstrate the new vocabulary but the students aren’t supposed to look at the book, just listen to the teacher. The teacher then reads the question twice ‘On which side of your body would you find your heart on which side of your body would you find your heart??’ and the student must answer quickly without translating into their native language, ‘my heart is on the left side of my body’ and then you go straight to the next question asking a different student.
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    Thank you very much. I can not download the DVD. It says you need permission. I asked for permission my e mail is vekizil@gmail.com.
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    greetings thanks for the effort to get that teaching material, I request permission to download the material, thank you very much georgegdallasj@gmail.com

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