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    Common Mistakes at KET, PET, FCE, IELTS, CAE, CPE
    Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced, Proficient
    7 Files | PDF-SCAN | Cambridge Exams
    This invaluable little book highlights the real mistakes that students make in the exam - and shows how to avoid them. Based on analysis of thousands of exam scripts, each unit targets a key problem area. Clear explanations and exercises help students to use the language accurately. Regular tests offer students a further opportunity to check and consolidate what they have learnt. - Highlights common mistakes that learners really make. - Based on analysis of thousands of exam scripts. - Short, snappy explanations focus on key problem areas. - Includes exam-style exercises.
    01 Common Mistakes at KET.pdf
    02 Common Mistakes at PET.pdf
    03 Common Mistakes at FCE.pdf
    04 Common Mistakes at CAE.pdf
    05 Common Mistakes at CPE.pdf
    06 Common Mistakes at IELTS Intermediate.pdf
    07 Common Mistakes at IELTS Advanced.pdf
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