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DVD eBook Delta Puzzle Time ● Starters ● Movers ● Flyers

Discussion in 'Combo Tiếng Anh' started by admin, Mar 5, 2016.

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    DVD eBook Delta Puzzle Time
    Starters - Movers - Flyers
    Children love puzzles! The Puzzle Time series uses the fun of puzzles to teach language ranging from the alphabet and animals to the present perfect and the past continuous. There are quizzes, mazes, crosswords, mirror writing, join the dots, silhouettes, and a wide variety of other activities, all of which are freely photocopiable. They can be used to supplement coursebooks, or as the basis for free-standing lessons: the teacher?s notes are full of ideas for additional games and activities which can be used in conjunction with the puzzles. The three books in the series (Starters, Movers & Flyers) correspond to the syllabuses of the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests and are also designed to reflect the syllabuses and materials used in today?s classrooms. The puzzles offer lively preparation for the Tests, but of course can be used with all classes in the target 8 to 10 age range.
    • Delta's Puzzle Time for Starters
    • Delta's Puzzle Time for Movers
    • Delta's Puzzle Time for Flyers
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