DVD eBook English as It is 3 Levels The Complete Series

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    English • AS IT IS • English Course • Book 1-2-3
    Publisher: Individual English | Year: 1997 | Format: PDF, MP3, CUE | Size: 309 MB
    Hỗ trợ copy USB/HDD/DVD: 100.000 VNĐ
    Ví điện tử Bảo Kim, Ngân Lượng & Paypal: buihuuhanh@gmail.com
    Ngân Hàng Vietcombank: Bùi Hữu Hạnh, 0371003864123, Hồ Chí Minh
    Liên hệ: Mr.Hạnh, ĐT: 0944.625.325

    This is the first/second/third of three books for learning English. The book has vocabulary, exercises, grammar, verbs, adjectives. These books are from the school Ingles Individual in Mexico. The book is in English and it is designed for self studying.
    English as It is 1st Book CD.zip    79.15 MB
    English as It is 1st Book.pdf    29.89 MB
    English as It is 2nd Book CD.zip    64.06 MB
    English as It is 2nd Book.pdf    19.43 MB
    English as It is 3rd Book CD.zip    92.78 MB
    English as It is 3rd Book.pdf    25.68 MB
    Link Download
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