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    Follow Me BBC Learning English
    Series of television programmes produced by the BBC in the late 1970s
    eBook PDF + Audio 5 CDs + 60 Video
    Follow Me! was a series of television programmes produced by the BBC in the late 1970s to provide a crash course in the English language. It became popular in many overseas countries as a first introduction to English; in 1983, one hundred million people watched the show in China alone, featuring Kathy Flower.
       1 What's your name
       2 How are you
       3 Can you help me
       4 Left, right, straight ahead
       5 Where are they
       6 What's the time
       7 What's this What's that
       8 I like it very much
       9 Have you got any wine
       10 What are they doing
       11 Can I have you name, please
       12 What does she look like
       13 No smoking
       14 It's on the first floor
       15 Where's he gone
       16 Going away
       17 Buying things
       18 Why do you like it
       19 What do you need
       20 I sometimes work late
       21 Welcome to Britain
       22 Who's that
       23 What would you like to do
       24 How can I get there?
       25 Where is it
       26 What's the date
       27 Whose is it
       28 I enjoy it
       29 How many and how much
       30 What have you done
       31 Haven't we met before
       32 What did you say
       33 Please stop
       34 How can I get to Brightly
       35 Where can I get it
       36 There's a concert on Wednesday
       37 What's it like
       38 What do you think of him
       39 I need someone
       40 What were you doing
       41 What do you do
       42 What do you know about him
       43 You shouldn't do that
       44 I hope you enjoy your holiday
       45 Where can I see a football match
       46 When will it be ready
       47 Where did you go
       48 I think it's awful
       49 A room with a view
       50 You'll be ill
       51 I don't believe in strikes
       52 They look tired
       53 Would you like to
       54 Holiday plans
       55 The second shelf on the left
       56 When you are ready
       57 Tell them about Britain
       58 I liked everything
       59 Classical or modern
       60 Finale
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