DVD eBook Genki English - Lesson Plans Book CDs Vol. 1-10

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    Genki English – Lesson Plans Book, CD’s Vol. 1-10
    Gestures & Actions Teaching Guide DVD
    12 Files | 4,0 GB | Year 2008
    In a normal CD player, you get the tracks of music, audio “mini lessons” and karaoke versions of the songs. But put the same CDs in a suitable Mac or PC and you’ll get interactive pronunciation guides, illustrated mini lessons, illustrated songs and computer games. The kids can learn the meaning of the words by moving the mouse over them, hearing them pronounced and seeing how the graphics respond. This is great if you teach in a school and wish to use the computer room (this is the Playstation generation after all!) and for private lessons putting the kids on the computer is a refreshing break in the lesson. The games and pronunciation guides also mean kids can learn at home ( the CDs are great as homework – we have discounts for bulk purchases ). For teachers who aren’t confident in English they are also an amazing help. If you’re lucky enough to have an interactive smartboard the CDs are the perfect accompaniment.
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    01    Genki English Lesson Plans.pdf    4.15 MB
    02    Genki English Teaching Guide DVD.ISO    2,943.25 MB
    03    Genki_English_CD1.rar    45.51 MB
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