DVD eBook Grammar in Focus 3 Levels The Complete Series

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    DVD eBook Grammar in Focus 3 Levels
    Student's Book + Workbook + Teacher's Guide + Audio CDs
    21 Files | 110 MB | Build & Grow 2010
    Grammar in Focus is a three-level basic grammar series that encourages students to speak and write English accurately and fluently by providing them with a solid understanding of English grammar. This carefully designed four-step learning program offers learners numerous opportunities to discover and practice key grammar structures in a meaningful context. The cumulative curriculum enables students to reinforce and personalize grammar structures so they can use them in real life. A gradual brain-based learning approach encourages learners to commit new grammar rules to their long-term memory. Inspiring illustrations and captivating photos maximize the authenticity of various real-life situations presented in the program.
    01    Grammar in Focus 1_Lesson Plan.zip    0.13 MB
    02    Grammar in Focus 1_MP3.zip    29.90 MB
    03    Grammar in Focus 1_SB_Answer Keys.pdf    0.61 MB
    04    Grammar in Focus 1_Teacher's Guide.pdf    2.26 MB
    05    Grammar in Focus 1_Test Sheet.zip    0.43 MB
    06    Grammar in Focus 1_WB_Answer Keys.pdf    0.36 MB
    07    Grammar in Focus 1_Word Lists.docx    0.14 MB
    08    Grammar in Focus 2_Lesson Plan.doc    0.18 MB
    09    Grammar in Focus 2_MP3.zip    29.17 MB
    10    Grammar in Focus 2_SB_Answer Keys.pdf    0.60 MB
    11    Grammar in Focus 2_Teacher's Guide.pdf    2.25 MB
    12    Grammar in Focus 2_Test Sheet.zip    0.47 MB
    13    Grammar in Focus 2_WB_Answer Keys.pdf    0.37 MB
    14    Grammar in Focus 2_Word Lists.docx    0.15 MB
    15    Grammar in Focus 3_Lesson Plan.doc    0.18 MB
    16    Grammar in Focus 3_MP3.zip    36.98 MB
    17    Grammar in Focus 3_SB_Answer Keys.pdf    0.55 MB
    18    Grammar in Focus 3_Teacher's Guide.pdf    2.18 MB
    19    Grammar in Focus 3_Test Sheet.zip    0.36 MB
    20    Grammar in Focus 3_WB_Answer Keys.pdf    0.35 MB
    21    Grammar in Focus 3_Word Lists.docx    0.14 MB
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