DVD eBook Just 3 Levels - Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing

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    DVD eBook Just 3 Levels
    Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing
    16 Files | 500 MB | Marshall 2004
    The Just Series is a flexible set of teaching materials for use on their own, or in any combination, or as a set to form a complete integrated course. The consistent methodological approach used throughout each book allows for them to be easily used together. The Just series is designed for individual skills and language development, either as a classroom-based course or a self-study programme. The approach is learner-centred, and each unit has clear aims, motivating topics and interesting practice activities. Each Just Skills book has been written with the same teaching approach as the Just Right course based on the same corpus of material; repackaged according to skills content presented in a more learner-centred way.
    01    Just Intermediate Grammar.pdf    40.50 MB
    02    Just Intermediate Listening and Speaking CD.rar    58.97 MB
    03    Just Intermediate Listening and Speaking.pdf    15.95 MB
    04    Just Intermediate Reading and Writing.pdf    6.89 MB
    05    Just Intermediate Vocabulary CD.rar    38.51 MB
    06    Just Intermediate Vocabulary.pdf    19.09 MB
    07    Just Pre-Intermediate Grammar.PDF    59.72 MB
    08    Just Pre-Intermediate Listening and Speaking CD1.rar    49.49 MB
    09    Just Pre-Intermediate Listening and Speaking CD2.rar    11.96 MB
    10    Just Pre-Intermediate Listening and Speaking.pdf    13.75 MB
    11    Just Pre-Intermediate Reading and Writing.pdf    16.20 MB
    12    Just Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary CD.rar    36.89 MB
    13    Just Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary.pdf    17.01 MB
    14    Just Upper-Intermediate Listening and Speaking CD.rar    67.57 MB
    15    Just Upper-Intermediate Listening and Speaking.pdf    19.67 MB
    16    Just Upper-Intermediate Reading and Writing.pdf    26.83 MB
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