DVD eBook Learn Tagalog 3 Levels The Complete Series

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    DVD Video Learn Tagalog 3 Levels
    3 Files | 13 GB | Year 2006
    This is the first of the “Learn Tagalog DVD Series”. The goal of the series is to guide each student, young or old, through learning Tagalog in a way that is both simple and thorough. If you are serious about learning our beautiful language, we recommend that you get all 3 DVDs. Each level comes with distinct objectives.
    LEARN TAGALOG LEVEL 1 BASIC will give you knowledge of: the alphabet, numbers, time & day, customary greetings, personal & place names as typically encountered by visitors of the Philippines, the general culture of the Filipinos and how an understanding of it facilitates an easier approach to learning Tagalog, and much more!
    LEARN TAGALOG LEVEL 2 INTERMEDIATE will give you knowledge of: the Basics as presented in the first installment of the Series, the concept that language and culture are intertwined, a wealth of vocabulary, common everyday expressions, requirements in engaging in brief casual conversations, sentence construction and applications, verbs, and much more!
    LEARN TAGALOG LEVEL 3 ADVANCED will give you knowledge of: the Basics & Intermediate skills as presented in the first two installments of the Series, a wealth of more difficult vocabulary, the tenses, constructing grammatically correct complex sentences, effective sentence transportation, understanding of informal conversations and oral/written stories, communicating and comprehending with sufficient structural accuracy, and much more!
    • Learn Tagalog – level 1, 2, 3
    • Publisher: DC Entertainment
    • Date: 2006
    • Length: 00:56:36, 01:02:21, 01:24:44
    • Format: DVD5 (iso)
    • Size: 4.29GB, 4.34GB, 4.31GB
    Link Download [13 GB]
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