DVD eBook Longman Junior Comprehension 3 Levels The Complete Series

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    DVD eBook Junior Comprehension Book 1+2+3 Full Sets
    3 Files | 40 MB | Longman
    A graded series of illustrated reading comprehension books for young learners. Rich in vocabulary and language development, it features high-interest readings to motivate and entertain students.
    Book 1 — Contents:
    Where's your cousin?
    A new pen-friend
    At the airport
    Young giraffes
    Mr Eat-All
    Where does rain come from?
    'Who's the boss here?'
    Who do you believe?
    The silent robber
    Animal talk
    The policeman and the cat
    People of the world
    A true story
    Bill and Ben
    Footprints on the Moon
    The crow and the water jar
    Racing driver
    Magic string
    Book 2 — Contents:
    How can animals live in a desert?
    Two farmers
    E-mail from England
    On the road
    Sport superlatives
    Shark! (part 1)
    Shark! (part 2)
    Adventure racing
    The moving stones
    Animals: ten fantastic facts
    Computers at home
    The coffee story
    Ten chairs
    Favourite cat and mouse
    Fair play
    The man, the boy and the donkey
    The girl in the red T-shirt
    Jealous Ken
    Book 3 — Contents:
    Fast food
    The picnic
    The science lesson
    Learn a second language
    USA holiday diary
    Fun with science
    The Wright brothers
    Have you heard the joke about…
    The talkative tortoise
    School stories
    Making a TV serial
    How to use a computer safely
    A detective puzzle
    Girl on the Titanic (part 1)
    Girl on the Titanic (part 2)
    Letters to a magazine
    A builder’s story

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