DVD eBook Longman Wonderland 3 Levels The Complete Series

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    DVD eBook Longman Wonderland 3 Levels
    Pupil's Book + Activity Book + Teacher's Guide + Flashcards + Audio CDs + MultiROM
    21 Files | 700 MB | Year 2005
    Wonderland makes learning English a magical, memorable experience, by using the familiar fantastic world of Disney characters that children know and love! The Wonderland series has been written for Pre-Junior and Junior classes. The course uses a structured syllabus focusing on skills development, with abundant practice and recycling. Amazing stories, songs, chants, listening and reading materials inspire pupils to talk and write about their own lives, opinions and experiences.
    01    Wonderland Junior A Activity Book.pdf    48.39 MB
    02    Wonderland Junior A CD-ROM.rar    65.18 MB
    03    Wonderland Junior A Class CD1.rar    25.72 MB
    04    Wonderland Junior A Class CD2.rar    25.80 MB
    05    Wonderland Junior A Flashcards.pdf    9.06 MB
    06    Wonderland Junior A Progress Tests.rar    1.78 MB
    07    Wonderland Junior A Pupil's Book.pdf    16.66 MB
    08    Wonderland Junior A Quize.rar    2.36 MB
    09    Wonderland Junior A Teacher's Guide.pdf    21.64 MB
    10    Wonderland Junior B Activity Book.pdf    10.66 MB
    11    Wonderland Junior B CD-ROM.iso    87.42 MB
    12    Wonderland Junior B Class CD.rar    93.73 MB
    13    Wonderland Junior B Flashcards.pdf    6.00 MB
    14    Wonderland Junior B Pupil's Book.pdf    25.24 MB
    15    Wonderland Junior B Teacher's Guide.pdf    23.90 MB
    16    Wonderland Pre-Junior Activity Book.pdf    6.92 MB
    17    Wonderland Pre-Junior Class CD1.rar    66.36 MB
    18    Wonderland Pre-Junior Class CD2.rar    48.61 MB
    19    Wonderland Pre-Junior Flashcards.pdf    22.36 MB
    20    Wonderland Pre-Junior Pupil's Book.pdf    5.69 MB
    21    Wonderland Pre-Junior Teacher's Guide.pdf    82.86 MB
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