DVD eBook Macmillan Bebop 3 Levels Presentation Kit

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    Bebop 3 Levels
    3 Files | ISO | 10,5 GB | Year 2014
    Presentation Kit DVD-ROM
    Bebop is a 3-level pre-primary course that teaches English in a playful way. Through pairing music and movement with language practice, young learners gradually gain confidence to communicate in English. The Bebop Presentation Kit, has been carefully designed to support the teacher and to help deliver dynamic lessons. Featuring full page views of the Student's Book and the Activity Book integrated with the multi-media aspects of the course, the character of the course is truly brought to life.
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    01    Macmillan - Bebop 1 Presentation Kit DVD-ROM.iso    3,666.91 MB
    02    Macmillan - Bebop 2 Presentation Kit DVD-ROM.iso    3,341.66 MB
    03    Macmillan - Bebop 3 Presentation Kit DVD-ROM.iso    4,116.81 MB
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  2. Sir, i have sent you a payment via PayPal, please open access to this edition. Thank you

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