DVD eBook Master Spoken English Feeling Phonics

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    Master Spoken English Feeling Phonics
    5 DVDs + eBook PDF - 15.6 GB
    Meeting the needs of advanced communication skills courses, and providing beginning readers with the models to master the language, this program is uniquely structured to be both multi-level and multi-purpose. Phonics, as a science, has risen as the dominant tool for language learning. "Master Spoken English - Feeling Phonics" is an encyclopedia of phonics. The whole series comprises of 5 DVD's (or 9 VHS), with a total play time of 392 minutes.
    The video series Master Spoken English - Feeling Phonics, is designed to train first-graders and full-professors, enabling readers to excel, and training speakers like professional actors. The nine-tape video series and book, "Master Spoken English - Feeling Phonics", was published in 1996 and is now in use in 57 different countries. Colleges and universities worldwide have recognized the need this training serves in enabling speakers of English to reach their full potential. Besides serving EFL and ESL needs, the series is used widely in learn-to-read programs. All you need to get started is a television and a vcr! These are the conclusions the Houston Evaluation makes about the Master Spoken English - Feeling Phonics video series.
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