DVD eBook Oxford Playtime 3 Levels The Complete Series

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    DVD eBook Oxford Playtime 3 Levels
    Class Book + Teacher's Book + Workbook + Class Audio CDs + Video DVD
    22 Files | 7.0 GB | Year 2012
    The new three-level British English course for preschool children, c integrated video DVD - to easily and naturally learn English with the help of songs and cartoons. Syllabus adapted for preschoolers so that it covers the area of interest of young children, all with regard to their surrounding reality, gradually moving on to more complex things. Living history, set real language in familiar contexts with the use of an integrated DVD - gives excellent results in the development of English language skills of preschool children.
    Playtime A Class CD.rar    136.36 MB
    Playtime A Classbook.pdf    54.71 MB
    Playtime A DVD Video.rar    2,531.29 MB
    Playtime A Flashcard.rar    61.03 MB
    Playtime A Storybook.pdf    69.45 MB
    Playtime A Teacher's Book.pdf    75.86 MB
    Playtime A Workbook.pdf    19.01 MB
    Playtime B Class CD.rar    168.38 MB
    Playtime B Classbook.pdf    55.60 MB
    Playtime B DVD Video.rar    2,735.31 MB
    Playtime B Flashcard.rar    54.08 MB
    Playtime B Storybook.pdf    10.09 MB
    Playtime B Teacher's Book.pdf    91.14 MB
    Playtime B Workbook.pdf    87.23 MB
    Playtime Satrter Teacher's Book.pdf    87.63 MB
    Playtime Starter Class CD.rar    126.35 MB
    Playtime Starter Classbook.pdf    48.43 MB
    Playtime Starter DVD.rar    1,349.30 MB
    Playtime Starter Flashcard.rar    38.42 MB
    Playtime Starter Storybook.pdf    58.96 MB
    Playtime Starter Workbook.pdf    14.11 MB
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