DVD eBook Oxford Tiny Talk 3 Levels The Complete Series

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    DVD eBook Oxford Tiny Talk 3 Levels
    Student's Book + Workbook + Teacher's Guide + DVD Song
    25 Files | 4,0 GB | Year 1998
    Three levels: Beginner, ages: 3 years and above, a three-level communicative listening and speaking series for 3 to 6 year-olds. The course provides a simple but steady development of new language through a carefully graded syllabus with built-in review. The characters, themes, and situations are relevant and appealing to very young children.
    Each Student Book unit opens with the main characters featured storybook style in a familiar daily situation. This is followed by a focus on vocabulary items and a short Pattern Practice of the language structure. The unit concludes with a sticker activity.
    Songs by Carolyn Graham, well-known songwriter and creator of Jazz Chants, appear in every lesson. At each level all the components except for the Teacher's Books are split into manageable A and B sections. Friendly puppets of the series' main characters are also available. These can be used to motivate the students and encourage even the most hesitant students to participate.
    • In this DVD
    01    Tiny Talk 1 Teacher's Guide.pdf    154.50 MB
    02    Tiny Talk 1A Student's Book CD.rar    30.78 MB
    03    Tiny Talk 1A Student's Book.pdf    13.61 MB
    04    Tiny Talk 1A Workbook.pdf    4.62 MB
    05    Tiny Talk 1B Student's Book CD.rar    34.63 MB
    06    Tiny Talk 1B Student's Book.pdf    6.09 MB
    07    Tiny Talk 1B Workbook.pdf    5.15 MB
    08    Tiny Talk 2A Student's Book CD.rar    41.72 MB
    09    Tiny Talk 2A Student's Book.pdf    11.38 MB
    10    Tiny Talk 2A Workbook.pdf    5.66 MB
    11    Tiny Talk 2B Student's Book CD.rar    50.62 MB
    12    Tiny Talk 2B Student's Book.pdf    10.08 MB
    13    Tiny Talk 2B Workbook.pdf    5.24 MB
    14    Tiny Talk 3 Teacher's Book.pdf    13.22 MB
    15    Tiny Talk 3A Student's Book CD.rar    70.93 MB
    16    Tiny Talk 3A Student's Book.pdf    16.53 MB
    17    Tiny Talk 3A Workbook.pdf    5.43 MB
    18    Tiny Talk 3B Student's Book CD.rar    71.54 MB
    19    Tiny Talk 3B Student's Book.pdf    7.94 MB
    20    Tiny Talk 3B Workbook.pdf    6.42 MB
    21    Tiny Talk ABC Workbook.pdf    6.31 MB
    22    Tiny Talk Let's Sign DVD Video.avi    391.01 MB
    23    Tiny Talk Song Book CD1.rar    44.84 MB
    24    Tiny Talk Song Book CD2.rar    67.88 MB
    25    Tiny Talk Song Book.pdf    29.05 MB
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