DVD eBook Phonics Kids 3 Levels The Complete Series

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    DVD eBook Phonics Kids 3 Levels Full Sets
    Video: MPEG1 352x240 29.970fps 1236kbps
    Audio: MP2 44.1KHz 2ch 224kbps
    Pages: 44+43+46+47+47+46+27
    Format: PDF, DAT
    Phonics is a beginning Phonics and Reading program. Developed for kids ages six months to six years old, introduces children to the alphabet and phonics using computer animation and live action footage. The video displays both upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet, along with computer animation, pictures, or live footage of objects beginning with each letter. Letters, letter sounds, and words are spoken by a narrator.
    • In Detail
    Phonics Kids Book 1a Video.rar    227.79 MB
    Phonics Kids Book 1a.pdf    13.48 MB
    Phonics Kids Book 1b Video.rar    197.79 MB
    Phonics Kids Book 1b.pdf    13.62 MB
    Phonics Kids Book 2a Video.rar    205.16 MB
    Phonics Kids Book 2a.pdf    12.86 MB
    Phonics Kids Book 2b Video.rar    120.34 MB
    Phonics Kids Book 2b.pdf    14.40 MB
    Phonics Kids Book 3a Video.rar    215.94 MB
    Phonics Kids Book 3a.pdf    15.04 MB
    Phonics Kids Book 3b Video.rar    141.53 MB
    Phonics Kids Book 3b.pdf    14.22 MB
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