DVD eBook Reading Rocket 3 Levels The Complete Series

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    DVD eBook Reading Rocket 3 Levels
    Student Book + Workbook + Audio CDs
    9 Files | 200 MB | Year 2009
    Reading Rocket is a three-level reading series for young learners of English. In each book, carefully graded reading passages are supported by a variety of exercises. By completing these exercises, students build vocabulary, extend grammatical knowledge, and progressively consolidate their reading skills. In order to make the passages and exercises more appealing, the authors have created fun, same-aged characters for the fictional passages. These fictional passages are alternated with non-fiction passages to reflect the varied interests of elementary school students and to scaffold them towards academic reading. Reading Rocket also provides an easy-to-follow lesson format that enables students to actively take park in the reading and thinking process.
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    01    Reading Rocket 1 Student Book CD.rar    56.40 MB
    02    Reading Rocket 1 Student Book.pdf    8.94 MB
    03    Reading Rocket 1 Workbook.pdf    8.84 MB
    04    Reading Rocket 2 Student Book CD.rar    61.41 MB
    05    Reading Rocket 2 Student Book.pdf    8.81 MB
    06    Reading Rocket 2 Workbook.pdf    8.44 MB
    07    Reading Rocket 3 Student Book CD.rar    77.21 MB
    08    Reading Rocket 3 Student Book.pdf    9.87 MB
    09    Reading Rocket 3 Workbook.pdf    9.19 MB
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