DVD eBook Reading Train 3 Levels The Complete Series

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    DVD eBook Reading Train 3 Levels
    Student Book + Workbook + Audio CDs
    9 Files | 100 MB | e-Future 2009
    Reading Train Endless Books, Songs & Games – School Readers by The Learning Station is a digital library of over 200+ picture books kids can read and record created by Libby Curran, educator and author of award winning books. The Reading Train is a great concept for children from the get go. Once you have setup your child’s user account, they can get onboard the reading train and start learning! There is a large collection of reading books to choose from, some covering colours, animals, life science, shapes, maths etc all categorised and covered at three different reading levels.
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    01    Reading Train 1 Student Book CD.rar    38.15 MB
    02    Reading Train 1 Student Book.pdf    8.46 MB
    03    Reading Train 1 Workbook.pdf    7.26 MB
    04    Reading Train 2 Student Book CD.rar    43.67 MB
    05    Reading Train 2 Student Book.pdf    9.06 MB
    06    Reading Train 2 Workbook.pdf    7.91 MB
    07    Reading Train 3 Student Book CD.rar    48.35 MB
    08    Reading Train 3 Student Book.pdf    9.68 MB
    09    Reading Train 3 Workbook.pdf    2.72 MB
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