DVD eBook TASK - Transferable Academic Skills Kit

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    DVD eBook TASK
    Transferable Academic Skills Kit
    Level: CEF LEVELS B1+/TOEFL 450-625+/IELTS 4.0+
    12 Files | 200 MB | Year 2015
    TASK is a flexible learning resource which takes into account the varied needs of both British and international students working towards a broad range of academic disciplines. Each module has been designed to develop the key transferable skills that underpin student's success in further and higher education. In each module, scaffolded exercises relate theory to practice and provide students with an array of skills they can reapply to their own learning context.
    TASK can either be followed as a complete course, or individual modules can be selected according to students' specific needs. The flexible nature of the materials means they can be used in taught classes or made available to students for self-access study.
    • In this DVD
    01    Garnet - TASK 1 Academic Culture Student's Book.pdf    5,94 MB
    02    Garnet - TASK 2 Group Work & Projects Student's Book.pdf    7,51 MB
    03    Garnet - TASK 3 Critical Thinking Student's Book.pdf    6,21 MB
    04    Garnet - TASK 4 Essay Writing Student's Book.pdf    8,15 MB
    05    Garnet - TASK 5 Scientific Writing Student's Book.pdf    6,70 MB
    06    Garnet - TASK 6 Research & Online Sources Student's Book.pdf    6,51 MB
    07    Garnet - TASK 7 Referencing & Avoiding Plagiarism Student's Book.pdf    6,72 MB
    08    Garnet - TASK 8 Presentions Student's Book.pdf    5,68 MB
    09    Garnet - TASK 9 Assessments, Exams & Revision Student's Book.pdf    6,28 MB
    10    Garnet - TASK 10 Numeracy Student's Book.pdf    7,75 MB
    11    Garnet - Transferable Academic Skills Kit Course Book.pdf    74,73 MB
    12    Garnet - Transferable Academic Skills Kit Teacher's Book.pdf    32,17 MB
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