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    DVD eBook Upgrade Your Writing (10 DVDs)
    10 Files | 6,6 GB | Year 2007
    The best writers really know how to express their ideas and impress their readers. If you have trouble achieving these goals, then you need to Upgrade Your Writing -- with Video Aided Instruction! This user-friendly series makes it easier than ever to develop those basic writing skills: it helps middle school students through adults (especially challenged learners requiring remediation) take their written communication to the next level.
    Disc 1 - Prewriting
    Disc 2 - Organizing Your Thoughts
    Disc 3 - Overcoming Writer’s Block
    Disc 4 - Crafting Sentences
    Disc 5 - Building Paragraphs
    Disc 6 - Connections & Transitions
    Disc 7 - Introductions & Conclusions
    Disc 8 - Expressing Yourself Creatively
    Disc 9 - Improving Your Vocabulary
    Disc 10 - Avoiding Common Mistakes
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