English for Academic Study - Reading and Writing Instructors Manual

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    EAS Reading & Writing challenges and stimulates students preparing for English-medium study. Activities are designed for use with the accompanying extensive texts, which are extracted from actual academic sources. The Reading and Writing sections can be studied separately, or used together as part of an integrated program of study. The unit topics are as follows:
    • Academic Achievement
    • Early Human Development
    • The Environment Today
    • Telemedicine
    • Statistics without Tears
    • Human Activity and Climate Change
    • The Global Village
    • The New Linguistic Order
    Each unit has weblinks offering additional information and activities, related to both reading and writing skills, and the topics covered in the units. A dedicated website, www.englishforacademicstudy.com, offers further instructor resources.
    • Binding: Paperback - Instructor's Manual, 155 pages
    • ISBN: 9781859645741
    • Format: 254mm x 203mm
    • Contains black and white tables and illustrations
    • BIC Code: EL, ELXJ, ELXN
    • BISAC Code: FOR007000, LAN013000, REF026000
    • Imprint: Garnet Education
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