English Practice Grammar for Intermediate Learners of English New Edition

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    The new edition of English Practice Grammar contains the essential grammar needed for successful communication in English up to and including the intermediate level. It is designed as a complete reference guide for all students of English studying at this level, whether within the secondary school system, private language schools or for independent study. This simple and easy-to-use book makes use of a straightforward layout, enabling the student to quickly find the information required. Each unit begins with an illustration to put the structural area into context. Clear explanations of each grammatical point are followed by examples in everyday language. A feature of the book is the contextualization of grammar in a wide variety of authentic texts. These include newspaper extracts, advertisements, letters, e-mails and many more. English Practice Grammar is a reference and practice book in one. It is perfect for both self-study and for use in class.
    • Brand-new, full colour layout
    • Twelve new units, making a total of 100 units
    • Easy-to-use and straightforward layout enables students to find information quickly
    • Grammatical points illustrated by authentic examples from everyday life
    • A new cross-referencing system takes students quickly to related units
    • Now includes Checkpoint, a test for either diagnostic or exit use
    • The Appendix includes irregular verbs, pronunciation and spelling tips, British and American English
    • Provides a full answer key
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