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ESL Experts Explain: Answers to The Most Common Questions

Discussion in 'English for Teachers' started by toto, Apr 20, 2021.

  1. toto

    toto Guest

    You have a problem in your classroom, or maybe you have a question about how to make a change, either in your ESL teaching style or in your class environment. Who can you ask? If you’re fortunate, you may have experienced coworkers, but even they may not be able to answer questions on things like integrating the most cutting edge technology in ESL learning, because it involves new concepts. That’s when you need the professionals from BusyTeacher. This book is filled with questions from teachers like you, answered with step-by-step solutions from our well-informed ESL experts.
    • 200 tips and tricks from experienced teachers to sort out even the toughest situations
    • 95 key ideas to help with your professional development and job related questions
    • 40 tips on how experts bring technology into class, from Skype to Instagram
    • 65 steps for mastery of teaching different lesson styles and types of learners
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