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    Words for Ideas
    focuses on important words and phrases that convey higher level meanings in challenging and interesting ways. Areas covered include: the language of argument, reference, uncertainty and describing relationships. The material is designed to show how words work in context, and how their meanings often depend on their collocations and the grammar with which they are bound. The material will benefit students who are studying for the Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency exams, the IELTS test or any other examinations at the same level.” This book has been written for those serious English language learners who equate language development with extending and refining their use of vocabulary. In particular, it systematically covers the vocabulary used to express and discuss complex and abstract ideas; words which often have a low degree of lexical isation but which are very commonly used across discourses, and some which have recently received attention in university word lists. The text attempts to avoid the anglo- and eurocentricity of many vocabulary resources, and focuses on words and phrases that convey higher level meanings.

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