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    A new and different approach to spelling. Most of us who have a spelling problem already know a word's meaning. We simply need to write it correctly. Unlike every other spelling aid, SPELL IT FAST groups commonly misspelled words into subject categories where a word can be easily located even if only the first letter is known. SPELL ITFAST takes care of the question so often asked: "Why am I wading through this dictionary looking for a word I cannot spell?" We have done the wading, and people can now return their dictionaries to their proper job—to provide definitions, pronunciations, and etymological explanations.
    • Title: Gilboy's Spell It Fast
    • ISBN: 874910714
    • Author: Robert C. Gilboy
    • Publisher: Washington, D.C. : Acropolis Books
    • Year: 1981
    • Language: English
    • Paperback: 292
    • Size: 32.3 MB
    • Format: PDF-SCAN
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