Integrated Service Delivery Model for the NWT Health and Social Services System

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    The writing and development of this document would not have been possible without the dedicated effort from professionals from all levels and in all regions of the NWT Health and Social Services System. In addition, the document could not have taken shape without the support of Susan Ashton and Peter Redvers, consultants to the project. This document was created under the Joint Leadership Council’s stewardship and the guidance of the Joint Senior Management Committee. After much debate, hard work and resolution, the current Integrated Service Delivery Model document defines the system we currently work in, and provides a clear path into our future.
    • • citizen participation and choice;
    • • controlled access (gate keeping);
    • • clustering of services;
    • • use of multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary teams;
    • • rostering and capitation funding;
    • • comprehensive core services;
    • • integrated information systems;
    • • an emphasis on quality; and
    • • access to secondary services
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