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IVY's Reading 15 Actual Tests TOEF iBT

Discussion in 'English for Exams' started by Nminhanh25, May 29, 2018.

  1. Nminhanh25

    Nminhanh25 Guest

    – 15 Actual Tests are similar in form and content to those of the real iBT – 15 Actual Tests consist of 10 Real – level tests and 5 Advanced – level tests – Passage Analyses and Answer Clues are available in a separate Refernce Book, which is also designed to help students independently – Summer Notes are provided and run parallel to each passage to help students graps key points and concepts – Glossary is provided to help students understand the definition of challenging words – Explanatory answers are provided, including analyses of correct and incorrect answers – Graphic Organize is provided to help students comprehensively view the overall structure of the passage

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