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    Let's Write English, Book 1, is designed first of all to give the student of English the guided, controlled practice necessary to create and develop a working acquaintance with the sentence patterns of written English in their simple and expanded forms and in the major transformations of those forms. Secondly, it is designed to lead students, by stages", to combine sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into short compositions. Let's Write English, Book 2, examines characteristics of the major prose forms (narration, description, argumentation, and explanation), gives examples of each for the purpose of demonstrating the techniques used in writing them, and leads the student to familiarity with each form through practice. Subsequently, the student learns to put these forms to use, singly or in combination, in various kinds of everyday writing: letters, summaries, newspaper articles, research papers. Additional lesson material is given on outlining, use of the library, use of the dictionary, and note taking.
    • Publisher : New York : American Book Co.
    • Publication date : 1968
    • Language : English
    • Paperback : 532 pages
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