Longman Backpack Gold 6 Levels ActiveTeach DVD-ROM

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    Backpack Gold ActiveTeach DVD-ROM
    6 Files | 4,5 GB | Year 2010
    Backpack Gold features seven colourful levels, full of activities and projects for today¿s English students. With catchy songs and chants, hands-on projects and content connections, along with extensive reading and writing materials, Backpack Gold gets to the heart of every student¿s needs. Now with an Active Teach for the IWB, a robust test package, a Test Generator and so much more, Backpack Gold is the one to reach for when you are reaching for gold!
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    Longman - Backpack Gold 1 Active Teach DVD-ROM.iso    786.27 MB
    Longman - Backpack Gold 2 Active Teach DVD-ROM.iso    823.18 MB
    Longman - Backpack Gold 3 Active Teach DVD-ROM.iso    611.37 MB
    Longman - Backpack Gold 4 Active Teach DVD-ROM.iso    923.95 MB
    Longman - Backpack Gold 5 Active Teach DVD-ROM.iso    664.04 MB
    Longman - Backpack Gold 6 Active Teach DVD-ROM.iso    682.90 MB
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