Longman English World Super E-Book for Teachers DVD-ROM

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    Longman English World Super E-Book
    Level: 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 5A, 5B, 6A, 6B
    12 Files | 8,8 GB| Year 2013
    Longman English World (For Macau, Hongkong), A brand-new primary course that helps pupils build a solid foundation in English. Vocabulary items are introduced using colourful photos and pictures to arouse pupils’ interest. Language structures are clearly listed with useful grammar notes encouraging pupils to learn independently inside and outside the classroom. Reading texts engage pupils with a variety of text types and a wide range of comprehension activities to enhance reading skills. Meaningful and fun practice activities familarise pupils with the target vocabulary and language structures. They are also designed with open-ended elements to cater for learner diversity.
    • In Detail
    01    Longman English World 1A Super Ebook DVD-ROM.rar    719.98 MB
    02    Longman English World 1B Super Ebook DVD-ROM.rar    654.41 MB
    03    Longman English World 2A Super Ebook DVD-ROM.rar    758.95 MB
    04    Longman English World 2B Super Ebook DVD-ROM.rar    654.03 MB
    05    Longman English World 3A Super Ebook DVD-ROM.rar    778.49 MB
    06    Longman English World 3B Super Ebook DVD-ROM.rar    625.37 MB
    07    Longman English World 4A Super Ebook DVD-ROM.rar    842.06 MB
    08    Longman English World 4B Super Ebook DVD-ROM.rar    676.59 MB
    09    Longman English World 5A Super Ebook DVD-ROM.rar    857.31 MB
    10    Longman English World 5B Super Ebook DVD-ROM.rar    747.30 MB
    11    Longman English World 6A Super Ebook DVD-ROM.rar    866.01 MB
    12    Longman English World 6B Super Ebook DVD-ROM.rar    734.35 MB
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