Longman Summit 1+2 Teacher's Edition and Lesson Planner 2nd Edition

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    Summit helps the high-intermediate learner continue to grow through a balanced development of both fluency and accuracy. Summit offers a unique conversational syllabus and extensive opportunities for discussion, debate, presentations, and projects as well as contextualized grammar review, expansion, and practice. ActiveTeach is a comprehensive multimedia package that can be used with a computer and a projector, or with an interactive whiteboard. It offers access to the Student’s Book, audio, film and TV extracts with optional subtitles, and additional classroom resource activities and worksheets.
    • Series: Summit 2 Levels (2nd Edition)
    • ISBN: 9780132607964
    • Author: Joan Saslow, Allen Ascher
    • Publisher: Pearson Longman
    • Year: 2011
    • Language: American English
    • Paperback: Multi
    • Size: 150 MB
    • Format: PDF-SCAN
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