Longman WordWise Dictionary CD-ROM + Worksheets

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    The WordWise Dictionary focuses on the essential words, phrases, and grammar structures that secondary students need to quickly achieve greater fluency in English. 37,000 words, phrases, and examples needed to understand intermediate-level reading texts, with short definitions and simple examples. Teaches 2,000 important words, showing key collocations and grammatical constructions and highlighting essential meanings. Special entries illustrate difficult points and help students avoid common mistakes.

    The WordWise Dictionary CD-ROM includes:
    - Spoken pronunciation of all headwords in British and American English
    - Thousands of colour photographs, videos, and pictures
    - Lots of interactive exercises
    - Pop-up dictionary-just roll your mouse over any word on an Internet and word-processing screen and the definition for the word or phrase pops up!

    The Memory Coach includes:
    - the full contents of the dictionary
    - interactive exercises focusing on core meanings and structures, vocaulary building, word choice, spelling and pronunciation
    - a wide variety of memory games
    - photo dictionary
    - Exam Preparation for KET & PET

    12 Worksheets with exercises on different topics:
    - Using a dictionary in English
    - Choosing the right word
    - Building your vocabulary
    - Avoiding mistakes
    - Phrasal verbs
    - Speaking in English
    - Finding your way around the dictionary
    - Help with grammar
    - Vocabulary practice
    - Idioms
    - Filler activities and games
    - Using words together

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