Macmillan Next Move 7 Levels Interactive Classroom DVD-ROM

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    DVD eBook Macmillan Next Move 7 Levels

    Interactive Classroom DVD-ROM
    7 Files ISO | 4,0 GB | Year 2013
    The Interactive Classroom Pack is an engaging, convenient resource for the modern classroom, containing a DVD-ROM and the Class Audio CDs. The DVD-ROM includes projectable, interactive, page-faithful versions of the Student's Book and Workbook, with embedded class audio and answer keys. In addition, it contains Interactive Posters for consolidating the vocabulary and grammar in each unit, with a follow-up critical thinking task called Your World; the five Culture Videos from the Student's Book, with an Interactive Glossary and accompanying teacher's notes and printable worksheets; the animated Karaoke Songs from the Student's DVD-ROM; Animated Phonics Presentations in an audio-visual resource to strengthen children's awareness of phonics and spelling; and Grammar Presentations as an interactive alternative to the material in the Grammar Guide at the back of the Student's Book, with bonus audio and animated text.
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    01    Macmillan - Next Move 1 Interactive Classroom DVD-ROM.iso    530.13 MB
    02    Macmillan - Next Move 2 Interactive Classroom DVD-ROM.iso    562.58 MB
    03    Macmillan - Next Move 3 Interactive Classroom DVD-ROM.iso    558.55 MB
    04    Macmillan - Next Move 4 Interactive Classroom DVD-ROM.iso    411.02 MB
    05    Macmillan - Next Move 5 Interactive Classroom DVD-ROM.iso    400.54 MB
    06    Macmillan - Next Move 6 Interactive Classroom DVD-ROM.iso    406.33 MB
    07    Macmillan - Next Move Starter Interactive Classroom DVD-ROM.iso    429.64 MB

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