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    Negotiate in English is for businessmen and business students who have reached an intermediate or advanced level of English. It consists of ten units, each of which culminates in the students (alone or in teams) conducting a detailed negotiation in an authentic situation. Each side has confidential information not available to the other side. As preparation for the main activity (the negotiation), each unit contains written, oral and listening exercises, which help students acquire the necessary vocabulary and negotiating functions. These exercises are practised as individual, pair, group and class activities. They are also designed to help build up the situation which the final negotiation must resolve. A recorded cassette or tape provides listening and intonation exercises and oral practice material. (A full transcript of all the recorded material is included in the Teacher’s Book, with the notes for each unit).
    • Publisher : Hong Kong : Nelson
    • Publication date : 1985
    • Language : English
    • Paperback : 68 pages
    • ISBN-10 : 0174441975
    • ISBN-13 : 9780174441977
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