New Fowler Proficiency Writing Skills 2 Student's Book

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    Proficiency Writing Skills 2 is the second part of a two-part course which aims to teach the techniques students require to attempt any of the variations among the six forms of writing task set in the revised Proficiency examination. Approximately ten per cent of the material in Writing Skills has been revised for this book. All the other material in this book is new. Each of the twenty units consists of four-pages, which should, under normal circumstances, be completed in two lessons, with a writing task to be done later in approximately one hour, the time allowed for it in the examination.
    • New Fowler Proficiency – Writing Skills 2
    • Publisher: New Editions
    • Publication date: 2010
    • Number of pages: 95
    • Format / Quality: PDF
    • Size: 2.64MB
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