Oxford Navigate Teacher's Guide 6 Levels

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    Navigate is an English language course for adults that incorporates current knowledge about language learning with concern for teachers’ views about what makes a good course. Many English language courses today are based on market research, and that is appropriate. Teachers know what works in their classrooms, out of the many kinds of materials and activities they have available. However, relying only on market research discourages innovation: it ignores the wealth of knowledge about language learning and teaching that has been generated. Navigate has been developed in a cycle which begins by calling on both market research and the results of solid experimental evidence; and then by turning back to classrooms once more for piloting and evaluation of the resulting materials.
    • Extra resources and support on the Teacher’s website help to make lesson planning easier.
    • The Coursebook and Workbook are both available as fully interactive e-books.
    • Lesson overview videos.
    • Wordlists, audio and video scripts, Student Study Record.
    • Photocopiables for extra grammar, vocabulary, and communication practice in each unit – plus vox-pop video worksheets.
    • Editable unit, progress, and exit tests.
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