Oxford Practice Grammar Basic Tests with Answer key 2019 Edition

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    The right balance of explanation and practice at every level. This three-level series adapts the grammar-practice format so that it matches student's needs at each stage of their learning. Basic provides an abundance of practice and short explanations. Intermediate offers the students moredetailed and extended practice. The Advanced level gives students challenging proactive axctivities and in-depth explanations to assist them in complete comprehension.
    1. Test A: Tenses – present 1
    2. Test B: Tenses – past 3
    3. Test C: Tenses – future 5
    4. Test D: Sentences and questions 7
    5. Test E: Modal verbs 9
    6. Test F: Articles, nouns, pronouns, etc. 11
    7. Test G: Adjectives and adverbs 13
    8. Test H: Prepositions 15
    9. Test I: Verbs, passives, infinitives, -ing forms 17
    10. Test J: Conditionals and reported speech 19
    11. Test K: Building sentences 21
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