[PDF+2CD] ESL Podcast - Using English at Work

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    Get serious about improving your business English. This two-part course helps you learn commonly used words and phrases that you need to succeed in English at work. In each lesson, you’ll learn common and useful vocabulary for everyday situations found in an office. After listening to Using English at Work, you will be better able to speak and write business English. Get it right with this complete course in daily English for businesspeople like you!
    • Do you ever get nervous speaking English with your co-workers?
    • Are you often unsure about the “right” word or expression to use at work?
    • Do you want to speak to co-workers with ease and confidence?
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    ESL Podcast - Using English at Work.pdf
    ESL Podcast - Using English at Work CD2.7z
    ESL Podcast - Using English at Work CD1.7z
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