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    Treetops is a four-level course for children starting English in the first year of primary school.It stimulates learning through engaging stories, songs, chant and puzzles, and builds on knowledge and skills from other areas of the curriculum.TREETOPS offers a wide range of resource including puppets, flashcards, posters and photocopy Masters Books. The Class Book comes with a MultiROM containing Karaoke versions of the songs, and games and activities for children to play on the computer.
    • - 100% new stories and songs bring Treetops to life.
    • - Additional CLIL material, including posters, gives a more cross-curricular focus.
    • - New festivals and culture pages for a window into the lives of British children.
    • - New stickers make vocabulary acquisition and evaluation fun.
    • - New story cards for engaging presentation.
    • - New integrated Class book and workbook.
    • - Blended digital learning package with iTools and new improved websites.
    Link Download
    Oxford - Treetops 4 Class Book CD1.7z
    Oxford - Treetops 4 Class Book CD2.7z
    Oxford - Treetops 4 Class Book.pdf

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